Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wings on Wednesday

It is a long time since I last had a Wings on Wednesday entry. Amazingly, for the time of year, there has been a dearth of birds visiting the garden this month. Every now and then there is a rush of House Sparrows or Starlings and the Great Tits and Coal Tits are pretty regular but the numbers are well down so far this Winter.

One fleeting visitor was a Stock Dove. I haven't seen one of those for months so this was a welcome sighting.

IMG_5057 Stock Dove.jpg

Not quite so welcome was an early morning visit from a Sparrowhawk. This one was sat on the back of an old wooden chair right next to the Birdy Bistro. What I particularly noticed was the way it had its darker back facing outwards which made it blend in better with the fence in the background.

IMG_5068 Sparrow Hawk.jpg

As soon as it spotted me it flew away to hunt for breakfast elsewhere.


Rain Gauge:

Only a little further with the rain gauge project. Added the ability to switch off the lCD readout in software. The collector is now outside and the electronics in the conservatory while I see how well it works. 3 mm rain recorded yesterday, 4 mm so far this morning.

The unit uses a 9V wall wart power supply but also automatically changes over to a battery during any power interruption - a far from unknown event in this area.

I have decided to change the Arduino Nano for a Mega as the Mega has internal memory I can use to store the results which looks easier to program than the SD card.


  1. oh, my! that sparrowhawk is beautiful! i like the dove, too! may they stay far apart. :)

  2. It looks like your rain gauge is going to work overtime at the moment John.

    1. Certainly non stop yesterday Roy and another dollop tonight by the looks of things.

  3. That Sparrowhawk looks like it has gathered a grey cloak around itself, and, as you say, camouflaged itself exceedingly well against the fence. The stock dove is a beauty ~

    How deep can your rain gauge measure?

    1. Must have been in Harry Potter mode Glo. Stock doves look at their best when bright sunlight glints on their shiny neck feathers.

    2. Glo: The rain gauge measures as much as falls. With the seasaw mechanism it automatically empties the side which tips down so it can go on measuring for ever.

  4. Lovely to see the Stock Dove John, I haven't seen one for a while now, they are only very occasional visitors to my garden.

    What a clever observation you made about the Sparrowhawk's position, that wouldn't have occurred to me!

    1. Sporadic visitors here Jan. They tend to come for a few days and then there will be weeks without a Stock Dove.
      I'm not sure whether the Sparrowhawk just stayed as it landed or whether it chose to hide its brighter feathers as I didn't see it arrive.


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