Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Macro on Tuesday + Name That Lamb

Yesterday was a bit busy so I didn't get round to showing the answer to last week's Guess What. No one gave the fully correct answer to the puzzle photo:


Most got the idea that it was an insectivorous plant but thought it was a Venus Flytrap. In fact it was a pitcher plant - Sarracenia purpurea.  My plant is looking a bit worse for wear at the moment:


No new Guess What for a while. Many thanks to those who have had a go at guessing the various puzzle pictures I have put up during the year. I will probably start again in the new year.

This week it's name that animal time. Monty the Moose had a short hard life as Penny's favourite toy. She had hurled it around the room so often it eventually fell apart enough for her to remove the stuffing. That has now been replaced with a lamb.



Sixteen squeakers plus an internal bell and definitely her favourite for now but it needs a name so if  you want to make any suggestions I will choose one.


  1. I'm useless at your Guess Whats? I always miss them when you are too idle to post one or I am too idle to blog. They his an hinstitution.
    The lamb.....worse than a Guess What!.......I'll go for 'PAN'.

  2. PS. All those bells and whistles it has to be a god.......You spoil your dogs. I'm much more fiercer.
    I got a load of toys from a car boot sale years ago and keep them hidden. They too have a lamb at the moment. Not as posh as hers. They are green with envy.

    1. Some I get from the Greyhound Rescue charity shop Adrian. Otherwise they are sale items from Pet Supplies Store (online).

  3. Sorry John, I omitted to enter last week but would have been wrong with my guess of Venus Fly Trap. The week before when it was part of a peg I had no idea!

    Love Penny's latest toy, she looks so pleased with it. My first thought, as it has a bell in it was Bella. Larry seems a little too obvious perhaps. Another L would be Lottie or thinking along culinary lines another suggestion would be Rosemary as in the herb, the two do taste rather nice together :-)

    1. Entries aren't compulsory Jan ;)
      I could only think of Larry. I've not tried Rosemary. I suppose Minty would be another possibility.

  4. I know it's a bit dull, but Penny had Monty the Moose, so how about Lester the Lamb?

  5. "Lamb Chop"
    (Google Sherri Lewis)

  6. I like Jan's suggestion - Rosemary! Very clever.

  7. Quilty, Binky, Lovey or Lambchops :) I like all of the other suggestions too.

    That Magpie on your previous post, was most persistent!

  8. I'm useless at names for animals and toys - daughter suggested Doris though ;-)

  9. n-ewe suggestions:

    "Bo-Beep the Sheep"

    "BahBah" black sheep, have ewe any

  10. Lots of good suggestions here. Now I'm spoilt for choice.


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