Sunday, 30 December 2012

What Will They Think of Next?

A few days ago a Nikon Coolpix S9050 caught my eye in the Amazon end of year sales. One of the facilities in it took my interest and as the camera seemed to me to be a good price I ordered one.

What was it that caught my interest? The ability to take the equivalent of colour popped photos in the camera. Today I had a little play to see how it worked. Not a lot of colour about at this time of year.  Set the camera to effects, choose special effects then selective colour from the menu. Now you have an on screen choice of full colour or one of twelve colours that can be cycled through with the result seen in real time on the LCD screen.

Here are a few test shots - no added processing apart from cropping:

Penny's Pooh Bear, full colour with the inset photo taken with a red filter choice:

A red filter choice on some remaining rose blossoms:

 For the flowers it would be better to go close in but I needed my wellies to get much closer!

Orange seeds:

Blue sky with one of the blue filter choices:

Blue collar:

Grass with one of the green filter choices:

Woodwork with an orange filter choice:

Popping colour with a program like Photoshop will always pick out the true colour as photographed though it can be quite fiddly to get right up to the edge of the colour you want. The built in choices in the Nikon will often be a compromise but there will be times when it is worth experimenting 'in the field' to see what effects can be made. It gives another 'artistic' ability to the photographer in a nice little camera which fits easily in a shirt pocket. I will probably have more to say about the camera's general abilities at a later date.


  1. Excellent John.
    I'm particularly impressed with the green. I find it the hardest to do as it seems mostly yellow.
    I nearly always end up using the mask route.

    1. Greens are difficult in the camera Adrian. It depends whether there is strong direct Sunlight on the grass or bushes. In that case it seems to need a yellowish filter choice to bring out the green! It shows that reflected and absorbed colours change in different lighting conditions.

  2. Amazing what they can do these days John.
    Pretty clever effects, the easy way.
    Good results too.

    All the best for the new year.

    1. A logical progression, Keith, for digital wizardry. The colour receptors are there so relatively easy to make the software choose which to register and keep the rest in grey scale. Anything which make photography easy pleases this wrinkly.

  3. gotta say, that's pretty slick. :)

    1. Certainly different TexWisGirl. I shall enjoy trying it out, especially as it is so quick and easy to take a full colour photo and then experiment with colour filtering.

  4. Gorgeous pics here John, you're certainly getting the hang og your equipment! Happy new year and may yor 2013 be great!


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