Thursday, 3 January 2013

More Monochrome

Again taken with the Nikon S9050 using the High Contrast Monochrome setting.

One side of the village cricket field is bordered with a line of Poplars.

As taken by the Nikon S9050 - cropped

The same crop processed with ReDynaMix in Photoshop Elements

 The cricket clubhouse in Winter

As taken by the Nikon S9050

As above processed using ReDynaMix in Photoshop Elements

Some tree bark patterns (unprocessed):




All were taken hand held with one hand. The other keeping a tight hold on Penny's lead. Unfortunately with her four years training for greyhound racing her chasing instinct would kick in if she spotted any small furry prey. Considering the grey, dull lighting conditions they came out much sharper than I expected - a tribute to the camera's image stabilizing abilities.


  1. Replies
    1. TWG: Re DynaMix often finds some subtle shades to improve a photo.

  2. Very nice too....I can see you'll be upgrading to the Leica 9 Monochram or whatever they call it.

    1. Adrian: If I could get one for the same price as the Nikon ;>) Just had a search - six grand for the body, must start doing the lottery again!

    2. And another two grand minimum for lenses!
      I had a go with one a month back. They don't call them Monochrome call them Metronomes or something foreign. Bloody hell they are good and I don't like range finders. Messing with a wee square and twiddling a focus ring when the specs are all fogged up. It's a young man's camera. It is a stunning bit of kit and for only another 5K you could have colour as well.

    3. PS. Do the lottery the Leica is then your pocket camera and your ALPA is for high days and holidays. The phase one back is 60K. I just dream.

  3. That Redynamix makes such a difference! Beautiful.


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