Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Own Dining Table by Penny

For six months I have chased my food dish round the kitchen. Every time I tried to get at the tasty bits the dish would slide around. At last dad got round to solving the problem. He bought me my own dining table.


It is a nice height so I don't have to bend down so much. It has two stainless steel dishes and they don't try to run away from me. Now eating and drinking are so easy I can enjoy my food even more.


The only problem is, I enjoyed my food so much I even ate the bit I usually save for supper and I am too full to do anything except sleep it off:


I wonder how many of my cuddly toys you can spot.


  1. 4 toys, i think! great dining set, penny! my pups have one of those (left behind after my 14 yr old lab passed on). we use both for water bowls, now. :)

    1. 4 it was TWG. I've been meaning to buy a feeding set like that for years. I finally got Round Tuit.

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    1. She has a really cheerful nature, especially with people Keith.

  3. Great John....raised dog feeders are supposed to be good for them. You spoil your Penny. I'm strict with my two.

  4. Hello Penny,

    My name is Louis and I'm very envious of your dining table! I am a lot older than you and have lots of aches and pains and my mum keeps meaning to buy me one of those because it would be easier for me but she hasn't got round TUIT yet! Of course I was also very envious of that lovely big dinner you had, it looked scrumptious! I have a bed just like yours but mine is a boring grey colour, I really like your pretty one but mum says it's a bit girly for me :-( I like all your toys too, mine are all a bit old and tattered.

    Well that's all for now except to say if I was a lot younger I think you would make a wonderful girlfriend, you are so pretty :-)

    I do hope you write another blog post one day.

    Lots of love from,

    Louis X

    1. Hello Louis,
      You will have to tell your mama to look on the PetPlanet site for Savic Ergo Feeder ;) I can vouch that it makes eating and drinking so much easier. I really enjoyed sharing the potato, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower with the meat from some lamb chops in OXO gravy.

      Lots of sloppy licks,
      Penny xx

  5. That is one lucky dog! I think there are 5 cuddly toys in bed with Penny.

  6. 4, Bella and Pooh are ?? do i hear ZZZzzzzzzzzz.....zzzz...zzzzzz

    1. 4 was correct ImaBurdie - Bella and Pooh were having a peaceful half hour by themselves.


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