Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Penny's Family

More of a menagerie really. Glo suggested that there should be a family photo of Penny's collection of cuddly toys so here it is:

P1040347 copy.jpg

Left to right:
Sammy Squirrel
Freddy Fox
Pooh Bear with Mervyn the Meerkat
Both on top of Bella the Lamb (I chose Jan's suggestion in the end)
Last but not least, Henrietta the Christmas Hedgehog.

No hope of getting Penny in the group photo as I am not allowed to keep any of her family for very long. She will take them from me gently and put them where she wants them.

The only one she rarely takes any notice of is Pooh. He is the only one which doesn't make a sound and, being pretty solid, is much heavier. All she does is try to bite his nose off. The others are light enough for Penny to hurl up in the air. Quite often they just miss the light fitting.


  1. Soft as a brush you are.
    I'm strict with mine. They had a lamb and a rugby ball with rope. Both almost trashed, I'm amazed that the bells in the lambs feet are still intact.

    1. Fortunately Penny doesn't intentionally trash hers Adrian. The only reason Monty fell apart was the stitching couldn't stand up to being hurled around.

  2. What a lovely family gathering of Penny's toys! Thanks :) Is the moose AWOL? Sammy Squirrel seems to be giggling behind his paws. I can see why Pooh Bear keeps his ground!

    1. Glo: Monty had to be retired when he started falling apart. Penny hurling him about by one leg was too much of a strain on the stitching.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting and your nice comment Vrajesh.

  4. Thank you John, I am honoured :-) Lovely to see Penny's family, she certainly has plenty to keep her busy.

    I enjoyed the fireworks video, you were up very late that night! Thankfully, Louis seems not to be bothered by them any more, I suspect he can't hear them although he doesn't seem particularly hard of hearing...apart from when it suits him of course ;-) Whatever the reason I am truly thankful, they used to upset him dreadfully!

    I enjoyed your last post with the 'grey' experiments too, very arty. My favourite photo was last but one, the one with the puddles.

    1. Jan: the Nikon did well with the fireworks, both vision and sound.
      I tried hard to get at least a bit of reflection in the puddles. That was what caught my attention.


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