Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter Wonderland - Humph!

Days and days of snow are probably great for children, nice to look at through a window and interesting for the occasional photograph but it gets a bit wearing walking three times a day on compacted snow and ice. A good job that I finally got Round Tuit at last and bought a snow shovel before this weather started. I hadn't realised how much easier it would make keeping my paths clear. At one stage our four inches of snow had started to melt but a night with a further two inches soon made up for that.

It looks as though this cold spell will begin to lift around the end of the week, as long as the forecasters aren't telling porkies.

A view or three from this morning:



How much longer do I have to stand here freezing my paws?



  1. I love it....I only have to walk half the distance to get the recommended exercise.
    Pity you are retired...your successors have also retired due to a bit of white stuff.
    Am I alone in loving winter weather?

    1. It was great this morning Adrian, when we were the first to make a trail in the new snow but horrible by lunch time when it was a mixture of slush and ice.

  2. Those trees in the first John, really suit that snow.

  3. Good one of Penny! Ben Franklin said "Guest, like fish, begin to smell after three days." Maybe we should add snow to that list...

  4. it sure is pretty. poor penny. :)


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