Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring is on the Move

Frosty start to the day but once the Sun got its act together things began to look up. Afternoon temperature reached near 16C which was a nice change. I spotted several butterflies, a large yellow one when we out walk-about at lunch time. Probably a Brimstone. Quite a few Peacocks fluttering round the garden. A little video clip I managed to get with the Nikon. The same short bit shown three times:

Peacock Butterfly from Midmarsh on Vimeo.

Also lots of bees strutting their stuff:

Bee from Midmarsh on Vimeo.

As you will have noticed I am using Vimeo at the moment. I find that uploads to YouTube are extremely slow and can take two hours for a small file only to be told there was an error and nothing got uploaded. Vimeo is fast to upload but a free account then has a 45min delay before it is processed, but at least I know it has arrived safely.

Oh - and these are the first files I have processed and uploaded using the laptop and Windozy 7. It is not such a big leap from XP as I thought it would be. In some ways friendlier but too nagging in others. I probably haven't found the right settings yet.

Now I'm tearing what is left of my hair out with Vodafone as their site update seems to have screwed up my account. Had to have the account scrubbed and re-register but now waiting for it to fully update. Will know in an hour or two.


  1. the butterfly is gorgeous! glad you've got spring all around. good luck with the technological frustrations!

    1. TWG - one of our prettiest I think. Vodofone sorted.

  2. You are ten degrees warmer than I am. The wind chill factor dropped things to a balmy one degree.

    I took to Windows7 straight away. It's what Windows should always have been.

    I stopped using Vodaphone In the days of Motorola. Just TMobile or EEEE as they are now called and Hutchinson 3G. Touch wood, no trouble for five years.

    1. Adrian - you will just have to choose warmer watering holes.
      I find I am actually liking 7
      Vodafone sorted. Main reason for staying with them is they have the best signal in the area and I have a Sure Signal box, a Vodafone box which plugs in the router and gives me full strength 3G indoors.

  3. Nice video footage, John. I enjoy taking captures like that too.

    I was wondering why you had switched to Vimeo again. I’m not surprised you are trying it with that processing time. I don’t want to jinx things here, but my uploads are pretty instant so I often do them as a break while writing my lengthy posts. The longer videos can take around 10 mins. I remember the two hour ones when I first began blogging (or overnight) and they were a nightmare and often by the time it finished I had lost interest in doing my post – that was 6½ years ago though.

    1. Thank you Shirl. Today Vimeo and YouTube were reversed. YT ran fast and smooth, V got the hiccups. Here my download speed is a respectable 7+MB but uploads are limited to about 440KB which is slow for long video files.
      Hard to remember when I first went on line when there was only dial up with incredibly slow speeds both ways. Free phone call at night but paying by the minute during the day!


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