Wednesday, 3 April 2013

There is a Blue Sky

A couple of really nice looking days with blue sky and white clouds. Yesterday the wind dropped enough to enjoy a walk for once in spite of a 6C temperature.  We took a couple of public footpaths we haven't used for a while. In the afternoon we had to wait in one narrow lane while the council were repairing potholes in the road so I watched the activity in what looked to be a home made beehive. Plenty of activity in spite of the low temperature.


Walking down one of our usual tracks I could admire the blue sky while madam enjoyed all the interesting odours.



That was the only time I felt cold as the breeze was blowing straight down the lane.

Home, a cup of char and then out with the mower to give the grass its first trim of the year. Not too low a cut as the mornings are still frosty.

Blue sky again today but the wind was stronger giving the feeling of being more than a bit cold.  Looking at the local news for this area the local weatherman says that for central England,  March was the coldest since 1892 - yes eighteen ninety two. Central England has the world's oldest temperature data set, dating back to 1659. Things are supposed to be looking up next week. Should have warmer temps nearer the seasonal average, but changeable weather - that means rain. Total rainfall measured here for February was 32mm and for March 38mm and the lawn has only just dried out.


  1. yay for blue skies and lawn mowing! :)

    1. TWG - looks as though mowing is going to be regular now.

  2. It looked like a very enjoyable walk John with lots of interest to keep you both occupied. Lovely photos too. We haven't even thought about mowing our grass yet, normally it would have had at least one cut by now.

    1. Jan. Mine needs cutting again already. A bit of warmth and it shoots up.


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