Thursday, 18 April 2013

We Have the Technology

One of the final jobs in the summerhouse was to provide power. To that end I installed a couple of double sockets - you can never have too many.


One of my most useful buys for checking the wiring of mains sockets is a little tester. Plug it in and if all three lights illuminate all is well. Any other combination of lights will indicate what is wrong with the wiring.

The yellow cable is Arctic Cable, suitable for outdoor use down to something like -20C. It travels outside to the shed where it plugs in an RCD socket fed from the shed's main fuse box.


Another recent useful buy, for me anyway, was a packet of two large cloths for cleaning screens on tablets, computers, tvs, etc. Also good with spectacles and said to be usable on lenses. The latter I haven't tried as yet. They are not the cheapest of cloths but they seem to do an excellent job very quickly.


I had read some excellent reviews of 'Mobile Cloth' and they seem to live up to the job. As usual I bought mine on Amazon where they are available in a couple of sizes.  As always your mileage may vary. I just report things which work well for me.


  1. I admire your technical ability - and just wish I had a bit more of it!

    1. Mick - been 'tinkering' since I was fifteen - some lessons learned the hard way.

  2. My Dad could always turn his hand to anything like you can and my brother too....I thought all men were handy like wrong I was...My husband?...Zilch! ;-)

    1. Jan - been at it for many years and had some experienced 'teachers' in the early years who drummed in to me the safety aspects, especially back in the days of valves and working voltages anything from 400 to 3000 volts.


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