Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fledgling Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday Monday morning was glorious with wall to wall Sunshine so Penny took advantage of a bit of sunbathing as well as keeping an eye on the bird feeders:


I was able to watch the baby Great Tits in their nest plus I was delighted when a few fledglings appeared in the garden. The first to be seen was a young Robin:


I can find my own food .....

..... but it's a lot easier if I just yell at mum and dad to feed me:

Where have those kids gone now....

Also visiting was a demanding Blackbird fledgling:


I'm trying for the record for the most seeds in one beak:

Finally a bit of video of the fledglings:


  1. You certainly got the best of the weather. Entertaining video and stills.

    1. Adrian: Yes we are mainly getting rain over night at the moment

  2. You have a regular avian park in your garden, John. The GTs will pushing their young around in a stroller (pram) in no time!

    1. Wilma. A four tier double seat stroller would be needed ;)

  3. Penny looks very contented there John.
    Good to see all those young birds around, but I'm sure the adult ones will be glad when they can fend for themselves.


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