Saturday, 14 February 2015

Affinity Photo Beta - Practice

Every now and then I have a session with the free beta version of Serif's Affinity Photo.

A simple title picture for the blog:

Lettering produced and saved with a transparent background in Art Text 2.
First the background photo was dragged and dropped on Affinity Photo.
Cropped to the shape I wanted.
A new layer made and the lettering dragged and dropped on that layer.
Adjust position and size of text.
Export as a jpg.

Getting a bit more ambitious:

Photo and lettering added as above.
Round shape added and coloured to make an artificial Sun.
Section of a cloud outlined, copied and moved to cover part of the sun.
Next the part I haven't mastered yet - using a brush to add gold dust / sunbeams from the Sun to the title. Fiddle as I might I can't get the brush colour to do what I expect. There are lots of choices so I'll have to keep playing to see which is the correct combination. On reflection it's probably a case of making the brush work on the correct layer or maybe a new layer.


  1. This looks fun.

    I would be tempted to use a new layer for the brush and give it a dose of Gaussian Blur. I find blur covers a multitude of sins. Try reducing the layer opacity as well.

  2. Adrian: I used the Gaussian Blur on the Sun. Will try again with an individual layer for the effects.

  3. I just used and it is really amazing Photoshop alternative all tool are in place where original photoshop is , I think this will be my best Photoshop alternative after my favarite GIMP, I will say it as Free because they have beta one to be used as free, and lots more function will be there in paid version, Other photoshop alternative which i like in browser based Online Free Photoshop is toolpic. SO yes Affinity will capture the market soon.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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