Wednesday, 18 February 2015


More and more of the local Blackbirds have become bolder. Now when I am putting out food for the birds first thing in the mornings I have four or five of them come down to wait for spilled seed or for me to throw them small pieces of suet sticks. They are still cautious and if I make a sudden move they will fly up to a nearby bush. There they watch where the suet is landing and will dive down to grab a piece.

Male Blackbird:
Male Blackbird

Female Blackbird:
Female Blackbird

Yesterday I was watching a pair of Blackbirds. I'm not certain but got the impression they may have been engaged in a mating ritual. There is a bit of video for Friday at the Flicks.


  1. I like the colours and vignette. I notice that here all the small birds are quite tame.....Not Woodpeckers though.

  2. Yes, many animals do get bolder in Spring. It is sometimes hard not to spear a robin in the soil when I am digging over!


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