Sunday, 15 February 2015

Serif Affinity Photo - 3rd attempt

My grateful thanks to Adrian (Adrian's Images) for suggesting that holding the shift key when painting would give straight lines. Working on the 'rainbow' layer I erased the previous 'rainbow' and chose a different brush, Simple Watercolour. It was then an easy job to choose the size and colour, tap where I wanted to start a line, hold the shift key and tap where I wanted the end of the line. Bingo, a straight line is automatically drawn. Keep changing the colour and adding new lines from the Sun to the title:


I am much happier with this result. I think I will have no hesitation in purchasing the final version of Serif Affinity Photo when it becomes available in the Mac App store. It will be a very worthy replacement for my old copy of Photoshop Elements 10.


  1. That's a result and a half. Yes much better.

    Does Affinity have layer styles? A bit of glow would add a diffused sparkle.

    1. Adrian: Layer styles? Strewth, 10 layer effects each with over 20 variations! I'll keep playing. There is already some glow added.

    2. Adrian: Final version, for now, with added glow now used as header photo. Might try adding a few animals to the blank area on the right another day.

    3. That's it sorted. I would have downloaded it but my internet is so slow here that it took me three hours to upload 10s of video to YouTube.

    4. Adrian: Added a couple of crows as a final touch, I hope.

    5. I thought they were gulls but whatever, they do finish the job off nicely.


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