Saturday, 28 February 2015

Solar Eclipse, advance notice


For those of us who live in Europe there is a chance to see a partial eclipse of the Sun on the morning of 20th March. The further north you are the better the effect. For those across the pond only the far Eastern part of Canada will see any effect.

There is a map and explanation on the timeanddate site HERE.

The main thing for us is - what will be the chance of clear skies?

The Americas, Asia and Australia get a chance to see a partial Lunar eclipse on 4th April.
South Africa gets a chance to see a partial Solar eclipse on 13th September.
The Americas, Europe and Africa will have a total or partial Lunar eclipse on 28th September.

For more detail follow the links on the timeanddate site.

I seem to remember I was at still at school when I last experienced a partial eclipse and now I have a solar filter for the Canon I really hope to get a clear view to photograph and possibly video the event.


  1. Thanks John, I already have this date on my calender. The clear skies bit is the problem.


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