Sunday, 28 June 2015

House Sparrow Community

RSPB reports suggest that House Sparrow populations have fallen by 71% since 1977. Our local ones are doing their best to make a recovery. They spend a lot of time together. Chattering in the hedges. Taking dust baths. Visiting the garden pond waterfall:

Six at once:
House Sparrows DSCN4794

No, make that Seven:
House Sparrows DSCN4795

Correction, Eight:
House Sparrows DSCN4796

Might be hard to see - there is one almost hidden behind the Sparrow on the left.

What I have noticed has been the lack of Tree Sparrows visiting the garden. For the previous few Winters there have been several joining the House Sparrows at the feeders but last Winter I didn't see one.


  1. I get the juvenile house sparrows confused with tree sparrows. I have more house sparrows on the feeders than I can count and they are wasteful little devils.

  2. Great to see them fighting back John.
    Got lots here in Wales and back at MK.

  3. you've got a good bunch! we have more here than i've ever seen, too.

  4. What a sociable bunch, chatting away like Romans at the baths!


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