Saturday, 1 August 2015

Some you Win, Some you Lose

A 50 / 50 day for photo opportunities yesterday, well one was really a sound recording opportunity.

Last night about twilight time was the first time for at least ten years I had seen a bat hunting round the garden. Years ago I used to have several swooping and diving round the trees every Summer evening. This time there was just the one. I had forgotten just how fast they move. A few years ago I bought a bat detector so I got that out and something to record the sounds but by the time I was ready the bat had moved on. In the past the night visitors have been Pipistrelles. A few years ago I watched how a large moth dodged being caught by a bat. As the bat rushed at the moth it stopped flapping its wings and dropped like a stone. Just a couple of feet but enough so the bat careered past well above the moth.

Also last night could have been an opportunity to photograph a 'Blue Moon'. The second full Moon in one month which only happens every two to three years but every time it showed through the clouds it would disappear as soon as I set the camera up.

During the morning I decided to set up for macro video. I wanted to get some close shots of the Pollen Beetles at work. That worked just fine but the video will have to wait for Friday at the Flicks.

While everything was set up I noticed a small fly which I did manage to photograph:



I don't know what it is and haven't got round to having a search as yet.

My thanks to Adrian (Adrian's Images) for identifying it as a Capsid Bug -  Plagiognathus arbustorum.


  1. I think you have got a Capsid bug here. I'll stick my neck out and go for Plagiognathus arbustorum.

    1. Adrian: Thanks for that - look spot on to me.

  2. PS, you may find it under Miridae. I think they are much the same sort of thing.

  3. We watched the moon peek through the clouds as it rose over the Caribbean. Hope the bat comes 'round more often.

  4. The farmer got stung on his hand by a wasp this morning while picking today's raspberries. So he is not at all keen on bugs etc. today!
    We have one bat every night - it intrigues us. Of course it may not be the same bat but this has gone on for years - and we have no idea where it lives.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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