Saturday, 7 November 2015

Little Lost Bug

Nothing much of note going on round here recently. All the bird feeders are down for a week. Unfortunately the seed scattered by the Starlings has been attracting at least one unwelcome furry visitor. It's the time of year when they come in the village from the local fields and ditches. I tried putting some special food under the shed for it / them but this time it didn't seem to have any effect so I called in a local pest controller. He will be back after seven days to see how things are going but the feeders stay down so the choice of food is limited to what he provided.

I had set up the Fujifilm IS1 without any filters so it would capture colour video along with any IR to film any local fireworks but so far that idea has bee a washout. Only a few in the distance but enough to upset Penny. The problem with the 5th November falling near the middle of the week is the use of fireworks is spread over several nights. Hopefully the best / worst will be over tonight.

A few days ago I just noticed a green shield bug on the footpath before I stepped on it:



That's about it from a wet and windy Lincolnshire this morning.


  1. A good find. There is not much going on here either.

  2. I know from years of experience that when it is wet and windy in Lincolnshire it really means it. Keep dry.

  3. my pups have gotten a lot better about tolerating fireworks and gunshots in the last few years. still, they'd prefer neither.


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