Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Plants for Old and an Unexpected Repair Job

Now is about the time of year when my Living Stones (Lithops) start showing next year's growth:


As can be seen with the plant on the left the annual new growth appears between the two fused fleshy leaves. This is the time to back right off with watering. The new growth takes its nourishment from the old which will gradually wither away as the new ones increase in size. Normally there are just two new 'leaves' but this one has four which can happen sometimes.

Two nights ago the night temperature in the UK was a record high for November and daytime here yesterday reached 17.7C (about 64F). With the high temperature and a moderate breeze I thought it was time to cut the grass on my frontage. It just hasn't stopped growing this year so I wanted to get it done before it got too long and before the next rainy period arrived.

All went well until I had finished and plugged the mower battery in the charger - nothing. No fan, no lights, no voltage. Dead as the proverbial Dodo. Checked the fuses - both working OK.

Had a quick Google with the item reference number and as luck would have it found the probable fault, and an easy repair, on the first place I looked. ( I didn't have an exact match for the faulty part, a 180K resistor which I read is in the habit of going open circuit. I had a 150K so soldered that in as a trial and everything sprang back in to life so I have now ordered the correct value for a permanent repair.

Instead of having to fork out about £35 for a replacement Bosch charger it is costing me £1.75 for two high quality replacement resistors. One for now and a spare, just in case....


  1. Replies
    1. TWG: It's a grand resource though sometimes difficult to find the right combination of search terms to achieve a good result.

  2. Plenty of new stones and a cheap repair. A wonderful day.

    1. Adrian: Makes up for those days where everything conspires to create havoc.

  3. Lordy that's an alien looking creature! Love it!

    1. SDP: Looks like mini brains emerging from the earth.

  4. Looks like you know how to keep your Lithops happy, John. Not to mention your charger! Cheers.


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