Sunday, 6 December 2015

A Blustery 24 Hours

It has been more than a bit breezy for over 24 hours with gusts which tried their best to blow me over while we were out walkabout. Fortunately, unlike those who live further North, we have had no rain. This snapshot from the Environment Agency web site gives an impression of the areas which have had hours of heavy rainfall causing flooding. The worst hit areas are marked with a red symbol:

Floods 2015-12-06 at 07.23.57 am

Here the morning started with a nice Sunrise:



Yesterday I decided to make life a bit harder for the thieving Magpie:


Hopefully the wire I put round the suet log will give the small birds a better chance to get their fair share before it gets small enough for one of the larger birds to carry it off.


  1. Lovely sunrises John. Where did you get that suet log - I would love one for our bird table.

    1. Weaver: I get all my bird supplies mail order from CJ Wildlife

  2. The sunrise was pretty good here too John, albeit a cloudy one.
    Still windy here, but thankfully not the rain. My retreat to Wales is cut off at the moment around Corwen.

  3. That map tells a sad story. You had a gorgeous sunrise. Hope you stay dry!

  4. Plenty of rain here. Springs springing all over the place.

  5. The cunning magpie is a tricky I'm glad there's no rain here, cycling to and from work dangerous enough at the moment


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