Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Bit More Manipulation

I had another session in Aperture using the NIK filters from Google starting with a rather bland photograph taken at Covenham Reservoir:


This time I used the Viveza filter which enable me to place control points on various parts of the photo and make local adjustments, sometimes darkening, sometimes making a section lighter and other parts where contrast or definition were increased. That enabled me to bring out the clouds, make the sail appear as though light was shining through it, increasing the colour on the sailor's jacket and so on. Last of all I used the Dfine filter to reduce any noise introduced in the first process:



  1. This is better than the original but I have wondered with my efforts if I should try reducing noise first. Define is at the top of the filter list but that could be that they are in alphabetical order.

    1. Adrian: You are right. It is recommended that noise reduction should be used first.

    2. I have found a tutorial but only skimmed bits of it.
      I can't decide whether it generates noise or it boosts detail contrast. I'll have another go or five as I do like the auto masking business.


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