Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday at the Flicks - Grey Squirrel


One of its daily visits to raid the bird feeders:


  1. It's not up yet but I thought I'd try and hurry it along.
    I do like these titles. I wish they were 3D. The trouble I have is that if I make hollow 3D text I can't just keep the attributes and change the letters. It means going through the whole rigmarole every time I want to change the title.
    I will have to try and find out what Blender font is. To do anything fancy with it I have to convert it to a mesh or curve.
    Five hours it took Google to post mine yesterday. The time now is 1539h

  2. Adrian: I must try building up a simulation of thickness to that font.
    I was late uploading today so it had only been up less than 30 mins. Mind you there was a time when it took much less than that to show up.

  3. they're lucky they're cute. varmints...


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