Tuesday, 24 May 2016

More Video in the Round - Judder Solved

First a couple of videos made at the end of my lane just past the Village Cricket Field:

Even though I glued a small bubble level on the wooden base I find it is still quite difficult to get the horizon level. As the camera mounting allows me to tilt the camera it really needs a level on the camera but the small Nikon doesn't have anywhere to mount one.

As my old school reports probably said on many occasions - room for improvement.

I found a couple of different, cheap, 12v slow motion motors advertised so I will experiment with those when they arrive. They are 3 rpm so should take 20 seconds to take a 360 panorama video if my maths is correct. One arrived this a.m. (less than 24hrs after putting in the order).

A happy hour in the workshop making a simple mount for it.
A piece of plywood, the motor and a switch:


First I tried the Nikon at its usual 30fps - still a bit jerky.
Inspiration, try 60 fps. Brilliant on two counts. With the motor turning at 3 rpm it was a bit fast but iMovie plays the video back at 30 fps which seems to turn out just fine.

A quick test in the back garden;

I know - the grass need cutting .... again!

Part of any perceived jerkiness is caused by the software which shows the video. On the Mac it is just about perfect when I use the free VLC  player

Now looking for a suitable 12V power supply which is pocket size. There are some small NM-HI types for drones etc. but as yet haven't found a suitable charger for them.


  1. I have opened it as you can see. I'll check if it's showing properly now.

    1. Hmph. Still not showing after 4 hrs..

  2. The colour grading in the first video at 43" is perfect.
    The second video is much better. Now it looks as if it's time to mow the lawn.

    1. Adrian: About 7/8 of grass now mown. Wheelie bin full but the level will drop by the weekend so I can get the rest done.

  3. Superb detail, considering the quality of the camera John.

    1. Roy. The Nikon is very good, especially considering the price of them.


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