Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Testing an Idea for Panoramic Video

I had an idea. Would it be possible to use the unit I built for rotating objects while taking a video to take a scenic panoramic video? Instead of having the camera fixed on a tripod and the object on the turntable the camera was placed on the turntable:


First attempts using the pocket Nikon and the tiny Toshiba cameras:

A few jerks but overall I'm pleased with the result. Next will be to build another system which is portable and able to be mounted on a tripod so I can take it out and about for some scenic views of the surrounding area.


  1. Excellent. If you delete the first few frames it will be perfect. There are several very expensive commercial sliders and what have you but this works very well.

  2. Adrian: I had a long hard look at some of the commercial offerings. Most were designed for time lapse and took an hour for one revolution. Really many were expensive glorified egg timers.

  3. Replies
    1. Wilma: Apart from the state of the garden!


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