Sunday, 8 May 2016

Time Lapse Trial Two

The attempt at a long term time lapse with the rotting tomato worked better though there is still some flicker. It is probably better to use a dark background where it would be less noticeable if there is slight variation in lighting.

This is 270 photos taken at one hour intervals over eleven days.
The photos were made in to a video using Zeitraffer on a Mac.

Following a hint from Adrian I replaced the green background using iMovie's green screen masking effect:

Trial number three is under way using a different background.


  1. John, the background being monochrome would mask out to Alpha then could be replaced with either a still image or another bit of video. This is much better.

    1. Adrian: Don't think there's anything as complex as being able to choose alpha channel in iMovie but your comment did remind me it can handle a green screen effect. I've added a second video to the post with a replacement background. Hope it doesn't take over 6 hours to update!

    2. John, that is better but there is another way I tried ages ago. It involves duplicating the sequence or video popping one above the other with one a frame out of sync. I seem to recall it improving things but not dramatically. I have forgotten which blend mode to use I'll try and find the 'How You do It.'
      There must be a way to equalise exposures. Most panorama stitchers can do it so running a frame sequence must be possible.

    3. Adrian: I'll try that on the next one as it won't have a single colour background.


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