Monday, 26 June 2017

Tiny Planets

Not a lot of note going on hereabouts at the moment, at least probably not of interest to others. After a break of a couple of years I have set up some of my amateur radio gear again. I spend some time listening to what is going on and have the occasional chat with fellow hams around Europe.

Also I got round to reading, books that is. I used to read every night but haven't been able to for many years as my concentration would keep wandering and I would end up re-reading the same bit over and over.  My first love is SciFi and similar. I have just finished Miss Spelled (Witch Cozy Mystery) by Morgana Best. Just couldn't put it down. Twas a brilliant mixture of magic and murder mystery written in the first person. It was a free book from Kobo eBooks. My iPad is loaded with dozens of books I have downloaded from various sources over the past few years. Now I'm looking forward to actually reading some of them. Next will probably be a set of short stories, either John Wyndham or H G Wells as I have both waiting in the wings.

Pleasant surprise. I often hear a Chiff Chaff when we go walkabout round the back of the church. Today, for the first time, I heard one near the bottom of my lane. Couldn't see it though. As we strolled along the lane it kept moving.

Saw the first garden damsel flies today. One male blue tail and one female though they were at opposite ends of the garden.

I wrote the following over a year ago but never got round to publishing it.

As you are probably aware I love playing with apps which manipulate photographs.
I took this photo to see what the tiny planet apps would make of it:


Standard tiny planet view, from two different apps;



Tunnel view:


Crystal ball view:


Back to tiny planet to give a different aspect on a Sparrowhawk:


Well, I enjoyed seeing what would happen to a couple of bog standard photos anyway.


  1. Love the photos. Really puts the sparrowhawk right in your face. I must disagree with one point though - your photos are much better than bog standard. :-)

    1. Wilma: Many hanks for the kind comment. What I really meant was 'every day' views, nothing special.

  2. I have always enjoyed these. I have a set if filters somewhere Flexify I think they are called.

    1. Adrian: I had to look up Flexify. Fascinating filters.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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