Tuesday, 31 October 2017

It's That Scary Night Again



These were made using the Mac app 'Hallows Eve' which I managed to acquire during the only 24 hrs it has ever been a free download. This app can use almost any of your own photos as a background and provides a good selection of 'artifacts' which can be added, scaled, rotated and layered to make the final picture. There is also a version for iOS.

Screenshot (2017-10-18 9.18.14 am)

To end with ... seen locally:



  1. Those are superb and suitably spooky and atmospheric. Lovely to see the signs of Hallowe'en round your village. Making a spider cake later plus some Wizard's Hat pasties and carving a few pumpkins - the kids though grown up still get excited about Hallowe'en.

  2. Thanks all. I always enjoy trying out programs like that.


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