Tuesday, 10 July 2018

One Still

Sorry folks. This is not a set of instruction for making your own hooch.

I've had a quick look at the new set of photos of the Sundew plant flowering.
257 taken so far. I have to check every one to remove the occasional blank photo.
Possibly the flash / shutter sync fails every once in a while.
Also tried a new app for assembling them to make a video at 1080p 25fps HD

This is a crop from one of the new series of photographs:

Sundew Flowers IMG_6342

There might be enough by Friday to make a new time-lapse video.

One problem has been keeping the flowers in frame:

Sundew Flower Spikes

The photos were taken about a week apart and show that the flower stems grow as they unfurl.


  1. This could get complicated. A stepping motor connected to a jack to lower the table would do the job.

    1. Adrian: It would be ideal as long as the rate of growth is known.

    2. John, I can probably camera track the footage in Blender. It's a bit like panorama creation years ago. It is a nightmare popping little markers on high contrast bits. You will lose the edges but if you shoot at full frame then there are plenty of pixels to play with.

    3. Adrian: Another way could be to use Ken Burns cropping.

  2. Replies
    1. Simon: Thank you. Yes, timelapse taken over several days or weeks can get complicated.


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