Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Off With the Old, On With the New

The roof on my large shed / workshop has been deteriorating for some time. I finally got round to having some quotes for putting it right. Yesterday it was finally achieved.

Off with the old, torn, rotting felt.


The two lads from B L S Roofing in Horncastle did a really professional job.
Removed rotten timber slats and replaced them with new.

On with the new, thicker, heat bonded felt.


The original felt was tacked on, the new is well and truly stuck down.
All the old material was taken away and everywhere left neat and tidy.

I can now stop worrying about the mains electric supply in there when the rains return.


  1. This should guarantee a hot dry summer.

    1. Adrian: Local forecast for the next 10 days shows little chance of rain here.

  2. Very smart John - good job done and you have peace of mind. Looks as though things are moving in your greenhouse too.

    1. Weaver: Only a few wintering plants in there as yet.


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