Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Wet, Wet, Wet

Today Lincolnshire seems to have taken the brunt of the wet weather.
Possibility of a month's rainfall to be dumped on us in a couple of days.
Quite a few trees down, blocking roads.
A great long list of roads closed by flooding.
Fire and rescue inundated with calls to pump out flood water.

These about sum it up locally:


Overflowing drain

At least one more day, maybe two, of rain to come this week.
To think a few of days ago there were calls for farmers to take less water from our local rivers as levels were so low. Now many have burst their banks.


  1. You have sent it up here to the Yorkshire Dales today but nothing like as severe so far.

    1. Weaver: Looks like you could have heavy rain late Wed., early Thursday by the Met Office radar forecast.

  2. Impressive. Dry and cool here.


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