Thursday, 17 September 2020

Automatic Time Lapse Video

The Canon G5X mk2 can not only make panorama photographs in real time but it can also make time lapse videos, in camera, in real time. Just a few menu settings needed. Take a still to set focus and exposure for the video. Start the sequence. Transfer finished video to laptop.

A vast improvement on the days when I had to use a camera with external time lapse trigger. Take hundreds of individual still shots. Transfer them to my laptop. Run a program to add the photos together to make a video.
Title sequence added using Wondershare Filmora 9.


  1. John this is fun but does it know the interval to use based on the initial shot. I cocked up and used two minutes recently when one or less would have done the job. Ten thousand frames made it to the bin before I twigged. Never again will I time lapse anything without thinking and testing, this was a timber frame house going up in a day. Good job I had two cameras running and I'd popped one on 30s.
    How long does the battery last? My 5D Mk II last about two hours and as I have six I do have time to recharge.
    I like the results from time lapse and will try for some more.
    Looks like it does the job and the video is perfect or as near perfect as it has to be for YouTube.

    1. Adrian: The interval and total number of shots are set up in the menu before you take the focus photo. Nice in that while setting the interval etc it also displays what the show length will be for the finished video.
      One of the few review criticisms of the camera was the short length of battery life. So far I have found it fine. I have 2, just in case. After today's use, which included a few ditched videos where I misunderstood the very brief instructions in the 'advanced' manual, it still indicated a full charge.


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