Friday, 19 November 2021

A Talky Walk

Went for a stroll to the end of the lane and round the cricket field. I went there two days ago and there was nothing of note to photograph. This time the adjoining field was populated by a large flock of sheep. Until I got too close many were lazing in the sunlight:


Several were watching me as I grew nearer:


There were many patches of fungi appearing, starting about the size of my little finger nail:


Some appeared to be fully grown at about 15mm across:


Recently I found that the local amateur radio repeater transmitter was back in operation. (The repeater receives a transmission and the re-transmits it. The idea being that amateurs can use a low power transmitter and the repeater re-broadcasts it at a higher power) Anyway, I had dug out one of my hand held transmitters from where I had stored them several years ago, charged the battery and took it with me to see whether I could make any contacts.


As I walked back from watching the sheep I made a couple of calls through the repeater and an amateur in Boston, Lincolnshire answered and we had a 10 to 15 minute conversation by radio. An activty I've missed for many years. There was a time I used to have radio chats every day when I walked Tramp, the dog I had then, first thing in the morning.

On the return journey I spotted the sunlight shining through the leaves of a Japanese maple bush. A photograph doesn't do justice to the beautiful red glow:



All in all a satisfying walk in brilliant sunlight, even with the cold breeze across the open field.


  1. Grand, that takes me back we used handheld VHF sets for years.

  2. I never knew people did that - talk to strangers on their walkie-talkies while walking!! Of course, I imagine it is like CBers conversing, right?
    Glad you had a nice walk and I enjoyed the photos you shared. Thanks!

  3. I have a couple of baofeng walkie talkies but I've never made much of them beyond use among the family.


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