Sunday, 15 January 2023

Ground Guard

A couple of days ago I installed a large mesh Ground Guard from CJ Wildlife. It comes as a flat pack which is easily assembled in a few minutes to make a safe area for smaller birds which like to feed at ground level but prevents the larger birds, especially Wood Pigeons, from hogging all the food. There is a lid on the top which made it easy to put a tray of seed and a suet slab inside.


First to try it out was a Robin but so far it has been mostly used by the Blackbirds. It is amusing to watch the Wood Pigeons circling round the guard trying to find a way in and failing. I had hoped the Pied Wagtails would use it but I haven't seen them for a couple of days.


  1. Vicki was looking at something like this the other day, she has trouble with Starlins taking over the feeding stations.

    1. Rob: I also have Starlings which try to monopolise the feeders. I had expected them to find the guard as they could easily get in but so far they have ignored it.

  2. It is sweet that you look out for all of the different-sized birds that come into your garden!


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