Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Bit of Snow

A few times today we had some brief periods of snow. Each time the activity at the feeders increased and tempers flared. Most of the squabbling was within the groups of Blackbirds and Starlings.

Starlings Squabbling

This Blackbird seemed to be trying to decide between shelter or food.

Blackbird in the Snowfall

While this one braved the snow flakes landing on it.

Blackbird in the Snow

These two male Chaffinches reminded me of Eric Morecamb's catch phrase...

What do you think of the Winter so far?  .........  Rubbish!

The last time I went to the local garden centre I treated myself to a small orchid plant which sits on the kitchen windowsill and cheers up dreary Winter days.

Dendrobium Winter Beauty
Dendrobium  Winter  Beauty


  1. The Dendrobium is a cheerful sight!

  2. I can imagine there is a fair bit of squabbling going on around the country with all that cold snowy weather, and I don't just mean squabbling birds! The blackbird in the first photo has a very interesting expression on its face! The "rubbish" comment made me laugh. The orchid is a lovely choice to brighten your windowsill ~ and orchids usually last a long time, as well. At this side of the world, the sun that was forecast for oday must have changed its mind! More clouds. However, it didn't snow :)

  3. Yes Wilma. I often think the smaller flowering orchids are prettier to look at.

  4. I think you are right Glo. It doesn't seem to take much to start some people bickering these days and prolonged bad weather doesn't help.

    I loved the way one Chaffinch was peering round the feeder to look at the other, almost as through they were swapping gossip.

    We got between two and three inches of snow overnight - nowhere near as much as some parts of the country - but at least it is above freezing for a change.

  5. Lovely captures here John! The poor birds are frantic and waste so much energy squabbling when they could be eating, the Blackbirds and the Greenfinches are the worst culprits here.

    I love your flower, what a beauty! As you say a really cheerful sight on these wintry days.

  6. You are right Jan. Some of the birds get very frantic no matter how much feed is there. Plenty of snow last night so the birds had to dig to find the seed I scattered yesterday evening.

    I must admit I fell in love with that particular plant. Plenty of variegated orchids to choose from but that one looked the most cheerful to me.


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