Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bobby Gets a Sled and Birds eat Cake

Some while ago I mention to Glo, who writes the blog Porcelain Rose, that in these icy conditions I could do with a dog sled so Bobby could pull me to the shops. Yesterday Glo wrote a poem about the Birdy Bistro and made a great composite picture of Bobby pulling a sled down the lane here.

Bobby Sled

You can see and read the original HERE on Glo's blog. Thank you Glo. A lovely poem and a great picture.

When I had a grocery delivery just before Chritmas the company had substituted a couple of large sponge cakes for some items which were out of stock. I am not a great lover of sponge cake so after I had eaten as much as I wanted I chopped up the remainder and put it out for the birds. It didn't take more than a couple of minutes for the regulars to find it.

Blackbird with Cake 1

Blackbird with Cake 2

Starling With Cake

It was a relief to look at the outside temperature this morning and see +2C. The forecast is for sleet and rain so it should help to get rid of some of the snow. In fact it has been slowly melting all night but it will take a few days for it all to clear providing we don't get some more to take its place.


  1. Just back in and it's thawing here. So maybe it's the end of it, pity in some ways.

  2. Hi John, I have just followed the link and popped over to Glo's site to read the poem and see the picture and also to tell her how clever it is. She really is a very talented lady.

    The birds were definitely enjoying that cake, they have been devouring grated cheese and sultanas here.

    It is +1C at the moment (2pm) and no more of the threatened snow so far so maybe things are starting to improve!

  3. Hello adrian. It has been just over 2C all day with rain and sleet so now we have a few inches of slush over the pavements. At least I got my paths cleared fairly easily - for the third time!

  4. Hello Jan. Glo has a real talent for the poetry and looks to be a dab hand with Photoshop as well.

    Hopefully the thaw has started a bit earlier than forecast. I have had enough of the white stuff to last me for a long while. It has been raining on and off all day with just a bit of sleet from time to time.

  5. Now that I'm retired, I have more time to do what I enjoy most ~ and writing poetry appeals, as does photography. I am pleased you enjoyed the combo - hopefully bringing a smile to you and your readers. Sometimes life dumps a pile of snow on us, and humour is a healthy way of dealing with it! Thanks for the kind comments above and it was lovely to see ShySongbird dropping on over to my site :)

  6. Hello Glo. I hope your rain has let up a bit so you can get out and enjoy some of that free time.


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