Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Food Glorious Food)

I found a couple of apples I had stored in the greenhouse and threw them on the lawn to see if there would be any interest. It didn't take long for the Blackbirds to start demolishing them.

I had some more stale sponge cake which I fastened in a fat block feeder, mainly to keep it out of Bobby's reach or he would have wolfed the lot down.

The Greenfinches and Chaffinches are masters at stripping the shell from sunflower seeds as can be seen in this close up snippet of a male Chaffinch as he crushes and rolls them round in his beak until the shell is ejected.

For the first time since so many Blackbirds arrived I saw that the Robin managed to be first at the ground feeder this morning.

There have been no visits to the nest box that I have seen during the past two days. There are other boxes fairly close by so they are probably doing the rounds before making a choice.


  1. Ever since the really bad weather started I have been buying apples just for the birds and now it is milder I haven't got the heart to stop, the Blackbirds love them and the grated cheese which I still also put out. The birds really do eat better than we do!

    It was fascinating to watch the Chaffinch, it is very adept.

  2. Hello Jan. Fortunately around here there are still some windfall apples in nearby gardens if the birds can be bothered to look for them. I was surprised they went for the apple which was over ripe to say the least. If it had started to ferment they could well have ended up with a hangover ;)


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