Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Visitor

As I said yesterday the Blackbirds are increasing. I counted thirteen on the ground this morning. Later when Bobby went down the garden some of the Blackbirds flew into the tall Leylandii and out flew a Song Thrush which landed on a branch in the Sunshine looking a bit miffed.

Song Thrush 01

As I was photographing the thrush I spied what at first I assumed was another sat high up on a branch. On examining the photo later I am pretty sure it is my first sighting of a Redwing. I am going by the pale lines above and below the eye and a slight reddish colouring under the wing.

Redwing 01
If my identification is correct then that is a new visitor to my garden.

Yesterday the ground feeders spent most of the daylight hours stocking up with any available free food...

Tucking in to Scattered Seed

... and a lone Rook was helping itself to a fat ball.

Rook 02

Although it was only -2C last night the constant low temperatures have frozen the earth so those which normally feed on earthworms and such like are completely reliant on the seed put out for them.


  1. Well done John! It looks like a Redwing to me, mine was back again the other day.

    It was around -7C here last night and only -3C now :(

  2. Yes, it looks like a Redwing. I also had a new visitor, a Fieldfare. I think this Winter is looking good on getting new visitors, so I am not complaining too much about the freezing weather:)

  3. How nice that you had a new bird visit you. The birds are fortunate to have food put out for them in such cold weather.

  4. Nice addition to the garden John. They only fly over mine. I guess I can still count them though lol
    Love that shot of the Rook on the feeder.

  5. Winter has certainly taken hold of your garden, hasn't it? A nice clear photo of your new visitor which helps in identification. There were many tiny birds hopping about on the front lawn today. The feed bell had dropped to the ground out of the tree and they were enjoying the scattered seeds. I'll see if I can get a photo when it gets a bit brighter around here. Our temps are around 5 C, and it's rainy.

  6. Hello Jan. I was great to see a bird I have only read about on other blogs. Goodness me - it has been a lot colder your way. We sem to get a thin layer of snow each night which actually helps the grip on the early morning walks.

  7. Hello Lynmiranda. It is nice to see new birds. I had hoped to see a few different ones come to feed in the garden during this prolonged cold snap. Well done with the photos of the Fieldfare.

  8. Hello Mick. It is great to see a bird in the garden I have never seen before, even if we do have to put up with days of icy weather. It must be almost impossible for some to find their natural food now and clear water is even rarer round here at the moment.

  9. Hello Keith. It was just in the garden as the branch overhangs the fence ;) There have been less corvids than I expected in this cold snap.

  10. Hello Glo. I think Winter has taken hold of virtually the whole country. This morning the weather people said it would take a major upheaval in the atmosphere to move things on so it looks like being one of our coldest Winters for many years. Fortunately, so far, it hasn't been accompanied by the gale force freezing winds from the Arctic or Siberia which we can get some years.
    The outside temperature here is -2C at 9 a.m. though there is plenty of heat through the window from the Sun.

  11. Good morning John, and a good New Year to you too!!

    Hope the weather hasn’t been too bad in your area. The only positive in this cold snap is the sightings of new birds to our gardens isn’t it? Great to see you’ve seen a redwing there! Nice photo too.

    Funnily enough it was last year when I spotted a mistle thrush (for the first time) on a tree over looking my garden that shortly after I spotted a Fieldfare for the first time.

    A Fieldfare returned to the same tree yesterday. Perhaps it is a scout for a group of them. We had a first yesterday too… tree sparrows, two of them which was a treat as I’ve never seen them before anywhere. What smart little sparrows they are too :-D

  12. I just adore hearing thrushes and redwings singing! Do they sing this time of year?

  13. Hello Shirl. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    More ice than snow here at the moment so, unlike you, I haven't had to dig my way out.
    It is great to see a new visitor. Well done on spotting yours. Not seen a Fieldfare as yet.

  14. Hello Matron. The only bird I have heard singing recently has been the Robin at first light. I don't think I've ever heard a Redwing.
    I hope Buddy is still progressing.


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