Sunday, 17 January 2010

Plenty of Garden Visitors

Nothing out of the ordinary but plenty of bird visitors to the garden today. Maybe the early sunshine has brought them out. It doesn't take much to get the Collared Doves in the mood for raising a family. This male, on the left, spent a while billing and cooing with much head bobbing but the female wasn't having any of that nonsence at this time of year.

Amorous Collared Dove

An easily recognised regular amongst the dozen or more Blackbirds which start visiting just as day breaks is this one which has minimal or maybe no tail feathers. I remember one last year without a tail but I don't think this is the same character.

Tailless Blackbird

It isn't just the Rooks which are attracted to the fat balls. This Jackdaw was doing an equally good job of feeding itself and the ground feeders milling around underneath.


During most of the really bad weather the Greenfinches spent most of the time feeding from a seed feeder near the bottom of the garden but today there were more of them about so some came to the feeders near the kitchen.


I tried for ages to get some film of a Dunnock which kept visiting the bird table, and failed. All I managed was a shot of it near the bottom of the garden searching round a plant pot which had cracked during frozen weather.


Also in larger numbers than recently were the Chaffinches.


One short piece of action I would loved to have got on film was when a male Chaffinch attacked a Starling. The Starling was sat on a branch minding its own business when the Chaffinch flew straight at it and chased after it as it flew away. Also missed about a week ago was a stranger which visited the fat balls. By the shape it was something like a Nuthatch or Goldcrest but it disappeared almost as soon as I spotted it so identification was impossible. I have seen a Goldcrest visit once in the past.

Another piece of action I failed to get on record was a further visit to the nest box yesterday by a Blue Tit which spent a while investigating every corner. They really are fussy house hunters - everything has to be just right.


  1. You’ve still got plenty going on in the garden John. The activity here has slowed down a bit with the milder weather. They must be finding their natural food a little easier now.

  2. That female collared dove is just 'playing hard to get' - she just wants to see how much he wants her...humans have been known to do that too!!

  3. Doves don't usually care what time of year it is for a little bit of this n that!!
    I have also been watching a female Blackcap holding territory to one feeder against most allcommers.

  4. I've been quite surprised how much activity there has been Keith. It usually tails off as the temperatures creep up but not this time.

  5. I think she said she had a headache Matron ;)

  6. Very true Frank. There seems hardly a week in the year that there isn't at least one male hoping his luck is in.
    I have yet to see a Blackcap but some of the House Sparrows seem to be getting more territorial here.

  7. Hi there John , great to see a busy garden! Loved the previous posting on how birds collected food when there was snow too.

    Had to laugh about the doves… seen the same here with woodpigeons as one chased and chased another around the plants ;-) LOL… no joy there either!

  8. Hello Shirl. Yes the Wood Pigeons are becoming amorous here also. It was interesting watching the birds work hard to find the hidden seed.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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