Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gargoyles for Halloween

Having photographed the occasional gargoyle on the village church in the past I took the opportunity on today's afternoon walk to capture all that I could see. Halloween is not an occasion that my family has ever celebrated but these certainly brought it to mind.

Music is ' Funeral March of a Marionette', by Charles Gounod and often associated with Alfred Hitchcock.


  1. What a perfect idea...and music to go with it :)
    When I came to Canada as a child, I was amazed to find out we could go from door to door ... in those days calling out "Hallowe'en Apples" rather than the "Trick or Treat" of today. My mum would make apple pie the next day :) Tomorrow there will be little ones at my door!

  2. It was fun to put together Adrian.

  3. Hello Glo. The photographic opportunity came at just the right time. Knocking on doors for apples sounds easier than scrumping, and less hazardous.

  4. Well done, that was very imaginative John!

    I am always glad when Halloween is over, it hasn't been too bad in the last couple of years but before that it used to be a constant stream of children knocking on the door all evening!

  5. Nice post John, I enjoyed that :)

  6. Thank you Jan. I couldn't get near some of the Gargoyles but I enjoyed putting that together.

    Same here - a few years ago the number of youngsters throwing eggs about the village was a nuisance but no callers for three years now!

  7. Thank you Keith. It made a change.


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