Thursday, 10 March 2011


We must be heading towards the high period of Sunspot activity which peaks approximately every 11 years. A caronal mass ejection from the Sun hit the Earth's magnetic field this morning. As far as I can gather it was a glancing blow so any resulting Aurora will only be seen from high latitudes.

There are two sites I have found which have live cameras where you can check for any Aurora activity.

The first is at the Canadian Space Agency site AuroraMAX where the picture is updated every 10 seconds. Wait for the page to load and then click on connect,

The second is in Alaska - The Aurora Live - run by the International Arctic Environment Research Project Group, National Institute of  Information and Communications Technology, Tokyo. There the picture is renewed about every five minutes.

Of course live pictures can be seen only at times when the sky is dark in those areas.

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  1. I know I was incredibly lucky to have such a good show of the Aurora this time last year in Tromso. The best it had been in years apparently. Now is the time to make the journey to see them!


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