Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A bit of 7 Spot Rumpy Pumpy

7 Spot Ladybirds

The second clip in the video below was taken with the TZ7 on its zoom macro setting, not so clear as the standard zoom + macro setting but definitely gets in close. A bit wobbly as it was hand held.


  1. It is a super camera. I suspect the operator must take most of the credit.

  2. Good to see the future generation is secure :)

  3. Spring has definitely sprung! :)

  4. Just point and shoot Adrian. I just wish it had manual focus sometimes. The crafty bit is to make sure it concentrates on what I want.

  5. Amazing, Keith, to think they can carry on like that for hours.

  6. Well John, not something I could say I've noticed before. Great capture.

    Enjoy all signs of Spring in your garden. Hope your nestbox sees a family raised this year too :-)


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