Monday, 7 March 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Last week it was certainly a photo of a worm and Glo deserves the gold star for suggesting a red worm. They are also known as tiger worms because of the coloured banding.  Eisenia Fetida are used in wormeries for turning kitchen waste into a rich compost and the specimen I photographed came from my wormery. I was surprised that they had survived the winter. When I looked near the beginning of the year I couldn't see any but there are now scores of them enjoying what they like most - rotting vegetable matter.

P1020171 Tiger Worm

On to this week's puzzle picture: Guess What.


Clue: not the part to attract butterflies and bees.

No prizes - just for fun.


  1. It sounds like you will have a garden full of very happy plants later on with all that good compost to come.

    The best I can manage today is a leaf but I suspect you want more than that. My first thought was a Primula or Primrose leaf but thinking about the clue I will opt for a Buddleia leaf.

  2. Don"t I get at least a silver star for suggesting earthworm? :(

    This week's macro looks like a primrose leaf to me.

  3. My first thought was a cabbage leaf?

  4. Thanks for the gold star :) I waited until I visited the Buddleia bush today, and had a very close microscopic look at a leaf, and I agree with ShySongbird that it looks like a Buddleia leaf to me as well. I have a photo of one on my blog today.

  5. John, a leaf a green one. Cheers.


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