Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Growth

The Sun actually stayed in view all day yesterday which gave a chance to have another look round the garden to see what was showing signs of life and what had succumbed to the harsh Winter. Quite a number of plants were showing signs of new growth.

Buds March 2011

Japanese Tree Peony  - background

Raspberry canes -  top left
Blackcurrant bush - middle left
Prunus cerasifera - bottom left

Pear tree - top right
Rose - middle right
Japanese Acer - bottom right.

Amongst the casualties it looks as though I have lost three out of the four lavender bushes which is a shame as they attract so many bees and butterflies in the Summer.


  1. I'm quick on the draw here as I just posted on my blog a few minutes ago.

    Sorry to hear about the lavender bushes. Will you replace them? Good to know that most things survived. I was taking photos of fruit tree buds today, too, and I notice that your pear tree especially is further along than mine. Can't you already taste the raspberries just from mentioning their possibilities? My photos didn't turn out all that well; mostly too close and fuzzy, so I'll try again soon. It looks like you have a good variety to keep track of :)

  2. Hello Glo. I will probably replace the lavender but I'm not sure what killed them. It may be something in the ground that needs investigating as other things in that area have suddenly failed.

    I have two patio pear trees and only the one is showing buds that well developed. I just hope last night's -2C didn't harm them.

    The photos were taken with the Lumix TZ7 which can get very close and I usually take many photos of each thing so I can choose the best result. Sometimes it is difficult as it is auto focus and about 50pc of the time focusses on what is in the background.

  3. It is always such a welcome sight when buds start opening in Spring. I think that they must be busting to open after that long Winter!

  4. It is so good to see signs of new growth and to know we are steadily moving forward John, you certainly have lots of positive signs there.

  5. It is Matron. Great to see we are getting closer to Spring.

  6. It is nice to see some positive signs Jan. -2C overnight but at least today was another sunny one.


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