Sunday, 20 March 2011

Perigee Moon - Hedgehogs

Last night I was hoping for some more video of the Moon as it was at its closest distance to the Earth for many years. To start with there were small dark clouds drifting across the Moon which would have been just what I wanted for video but there were telephone wires in the way. As luck would have it, by the time the Moon rose higher in the sky the clouds cleared so I took the DSLR outside for some still shots.

Super Moon 1

I tried many settings on the camera but the one thing I forgot was to set a low ISO so there are some artefacts on the picture. Also it is difficult to get great detail on the full Moon as there is little in the way of shadow on its surface.

Two Hedgehogs visited at various times last night. H, the one with one eye, was first. I think I will have to call it Horatio. Later another visited and ended up scurrying away after upsetting the water dish. (Seen at the end of the video) As that happened before I went to bed I was able to replenish the water supply which was just as well as both appeared again in the middle of the night.

Now I know why the water dish was empty a couple of mornings ago!
Snapshot from the video:
Clumsy Hedgehog


  1. I was up till gone midnight. Failed completely so a bit of noise is a result. The cloud was just too thick, annoyingly just too thick.
    I never thought I would find a hedgehog so entertaining.

  2. That looks like a great shot of the Moon to me John.

    Horatio, just perfect!

    I had to laugh at the water dish culprit caught in the act :)

  3. Well you did a great job with that Moon image John, mine was abysmal.

  4. I missed the moon totally. Glad I saw yours :)

    Love the clip with the hedgehog John; and the still, with caption, is perfect. lol

  5. It should be with us for a while yet Adrian.

  6. Thank you Jan. Never a dull moment when the hogs are about lol.

  7. I'm sure it's still there somewhere Keith lol.

  8. Thank you Roy. It was luck the sky cleared even if it meant a cold night again.

  9. Wonderful photo of the moon...I clicked on it until I got the biggest image :)

    Horatio is a great name! The startled hedgehog with the upset bowl of water made me laugh. It's one of those things that if we didit in real life, we'd hope to heck nobody took a photo or video of it! I think it would make the 'Funniest Videos' show :)

  10. Thank you Glo. I was lucky the sky cleared. Last night the cloud was so thick it looked as though there was no Moon.

    The hog did look very guilty in the still photo.

  11. The moon shot is awesome.
    Those hedgehogs are adorable, as well as entertaining! Love the name Horatio.
    So glad you share all this with us

  12. Thank you Aunt T. I like to see what your ground hogs and others get up to. It's nice to see different creatures from different parts of the world.


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