Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Visit to the Charity Shop

I have been meaning to take some stuff to the Fen Bank Greyhound Rescue charity shop in Alford (Lincolnshire) for some time. Today we managed to lever that one from the Round Tuit pile. It was another warm day, cloudy to start with but gradually brightening up. Penny was as good as gold and sprawled out on the back seat throughout the journey through the back roads.

When we had parked up the first thing was to let madam stretch her legs so we walked through the car park which led to a track which went on for a lot further than my legs would take me.


Plenty of butterflies and day flying moths but not one would stay still long enough for a photo session. As we passed one field all the residents wandered over to say hello.


In fact two of them strolled along on their side of the fence and kept us company until we had passed their field. I think we strolled about half a mile and then wandered back to the town centre. I had three bags of stuff so Penny waited in the car while I took the first two and then she went with me on the final trip.


Once again she was fine inside the shop and was rewarded for bringing things to sell. The reward was food of course. While we were there I bought her another soft toy to play with. (Thanks for the tip Matron) This time it was Freddy the Fox:


All in all another satisfying dry day out and it looks as though it will be dry with temperatures in the low 20s C again tomorrow.

I did a bit of searching on the net today.
It would appear Penny raced 22 times, came 1st once and 2nd on four occasions.
Her birthday is 8th July, when she will be four years old.


  1. I always wanted to check the history of some of the ex racing greyhounds I come across. Did you do it from the tatoo in her ear?

    1. Hello Matron. I just put her racing name in Google (Maltese Penny) and that brought up some official greyhound racing sites which had the information.

      I just tried with the tattoos but drew a blank there as they don't correspond with the only list I found.

  2. Our house is littered with the remains of fluffy toys from the charity shop!

  3. It sounded like a really nice outing John. I'm so glad you and Penny are having some adventures together. She must have thought it was great fun to do some exploring and then end up at the 'toy' shop where she was presented with not only some food treats but also a new friend :-)

  4. It was Jan. Penny has a lot to learn yet when out and about. She is such a friendly creature she wants to go up to everybody and say hello, which usually means trying to lick them to death. Freddy the Fox is silent but she spends ages trying to make it make the same sounds as Monty the Moose.


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