Tuesday, 26 June 2012


We haven't done much in the way of walkies since Penny arrived. Mainly short walks while she got used to a new environment. Then she injured a paw which needed resting, easier said than done with a four year old greyhound, and bathing with saline solution. Also the weather has not been conducive for long walks as it has been so variable with constant sharp showers but that gave time for things to heal up.

Yesterday we walked to the next village to visit the post office. Sounds a long walk but actually it's only half a mile away, if that. Today was overcast but warm and more important - dry - so we went for a walkabout round the village. Not very inspiring on the wildlife front but great to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Having walked round the back of the church and heard a Chiff-Chaff at last we headed down an old lane, more a dirt track than anything.

The way we were going:
Photo 26-06-2012 10 55 33

The way we had come:
Photo 26-06-2012 10 52 00

Nothing much of note but Penny really enjoyed sussing out the rabbit runs and all the other interesting smells.

On the way back we passed the field where there are usually horses. Penny wasn't the least bit interested in them and fortunately as the field was higher than the lane she couldn't see the rabbits which hang out there.



After a short rest I though I had better cut the grass before the next batch of rain comes through. While I was doing that madam was hurtling around the garden at full speed. At one stage she disappeared under the leylandii hedge, let out an ear splitting cry and came rushing out. I have no idea was made her cry out. A thorough examination showed no injury. Evening walk OK. Appetite - normal food vacuum cleaner mode. A complete mystery.

(First two photos from the iPhone, the rest from the TZ7)

I was still having problems uploading to YouTube. I tried Firefox, Opera and the dreaded IE and though the router activity lights were constantly flickering nothing seemed to be uploading. In desperation I actually looked at the YouTube help pages and found one useful bit of advice - use Firefox in Private Browsing mode - that worked and the little video above uploaded in reasonable time.


  1. Must have felt pretty good to finally be out and about.

  2. It looked and sounded like a very pleasant walk indeed John. It must have been so nice for Penny to explore more of her new surroundings. Every dry day seems like a bonus this year but oh for more sunshine!!

    Lovely photos of the horses and an enjoyable piece of video, so nice to hear the birdsong on it too.

    1. She is so inquisitive Jan and she adores meeting people and other dogs as long as they are one at a time. She gets really panicky when she meets two or more at the same time.

      Lots of bird song around the village, usually from 'invisible' birds ;)


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