Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wings on Wednesday - Juvenile Collared Dove

There are lots of juvenile birds visiting the garden at the moment. About a week ago I spotted two juvenile Great Tits. Unfortunately they wouldn't stay in one place long enough to photograph them. I am hoping they were two of the youngsters which fledged from my nest box.

This morning there was a juvenile Collared Dove resting on the beam which holds the seed feeders.. I think it had only recently fledged as it looked unsure of its surroundings and what to do next. It was startled every time one of the smaller birds landed nearby. A juvenile lacks the black collar of the adult and the iris in the eyes is brown. That will turn red as the bird matures.

At first I photographed through the kitchen window.

Juvenile Collared Dove 4372

Then I moved to photographing through the conservatory window - single glazed so introduces less distortion. Finally I went outside. Though slightly apprehensive the bird let me get quite close for some much clearer shots.

Juvenile Collared Dove 4379

Juvenile Collared Dove 4375

Eventually it flew down to the ground to find some of the seed which the smaller birds drop from the feeders.


  1. Lovely close-up photos of the dove!

    1. Thank you Mick. I was lucky to be able to get closer than usual.

  2. Good close ups John.
    They always seem so 'gentle', these birds.

    1. Thank you Keith.
      Yes they are not any where as aggressive as the Wood Pigeos which are a real pain.

  3. Lovely, close photos John. I completely agree with Keith, I have always thought how gentle and peaceful they look!

    1. Thank you Jan.
      All the doves seem to have much more placid natures.


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