Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Big Ears

It can be a tad fraught when we walk through the churchyard. There are often rabbits around and if madam spots one she takes some holding. Being a retired racing greyhound her previous training kicks in and she hears and sees nothing else. Every ounce of concentration is on the prospective chase.

On our walk yesterday afternoon I spotted a couple of rabbits but fortunately they were hidden from Penny by the grave stones and bushes:


It looked as though one had sensed our presence and I hoped that meant they would beat a rapid exit before you know who spotted anything:


Unfortunately one decided to move in the open and eagle eyes (not known as a sighthound for nothing) spotted it so after a quick shot it was a case of hanging on to Penny and the camera when big ears made a dash for cover.


That is one of the reasons Penny always wears a harness. It does her less harm if she suddenly decides to accelerate and the lead brings her to an abrupt stop. She is slowly getting better and normally responds to commands once she finds it impossible to chase.


  1. made me smile! happy to know you gave penny a wonderful 'retirement' from the track.

  2. Well captured John. When Louis was much younger and able to go for long walks over the fields, he was off the lead and chased and caught a young rabbit which crossed his path as it ran from a hedge bottom. It was sheer instinct and over before we could get to him, shout or do anything, he just grabbed it and with one quick shake (as if it were one of his soft toys) it was gone :-( Thankfully he dropped and left it when told to as we would never have prised it from him! We were mortified and from that day onward he remained on his retractable lead on walks.

    1. Jan: Penny practices most days as I get ready for walkies. She trains on her cuddly toys, pouncing on them and hurling them in the air so hard they nearly hit the ceiling.


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