Monday, 10 June 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star Ragged Robin was the only person to definitely go for Millipede last week and receives my congratulations and the virtual Gold Star.


DSCN1081 copy

I wonder how you will get on this with this week's macro.
Guess What:


Clue: You don't pin this one on a donkey.

Put your guess in the comments and all will be revealed next Monday.
No prizes, just for fun.

Great Tits

Both parents continue to collect food for their fledglings.
Here both were taking sunflower hearts from the three quarter coconut which is very popular with many of the smaller birds:



  1. I thought I'd had a go last week but as you may have realised I'm struggling somewhat with blogging at the moment. I wouldn't have been sure between Centipede and Millipede though.

    My guess this week is Horsetail Reed. From your own pond I suspect.

  2. With that clue, it has to be a tail of some kind, so I will guess a stem of a cattail. So glad the Great Tits are doing well.

  3. it's got to be a type of grass. no idea what you have there in the UK, but i'm gonna guess foxtail, just because we have those here.

  4. I'll guess at a bit of Mares Tail.

  5. Macro of the week - my guess this time is Horsetail?


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