Monday, 24 June 2013

Macro on Monday - What's Wrong?

gold star
Pleasing to see several correct guesses for last week's mystery photo. It was indeed a close up of Penny's eye. It was one of those rare days with glorious Sunshine and the grass reflecting in her eyes made her look like a wolf with glowing green eyes in a horror movie. Anyway, congratulations and virtual gold stars to TexWisGirl, Ragged Robin and Adrian.

IMG_6067 copy


Something different this week (couldn't find anything to macro!)

This time you can see the full object but there is something wrong.
Can you spot what is wrong?
Daddy-longlegs Spider
Daddy-longlegs Spider  -  Pholcus phalangioides

It was a while before I noticed it.

Guesses in the comments will be revealed next Monday along with the answer.
No prizes, just for fun.


  1. It's Jake the Peg..with his extra leg.

  2. Hi John, As I am struggling badly to keep up with blogging at the moment and have a habit of thinking I have commented on your Monday posts when I haven't I am making sure today by commenting as soon as I spotted it. My answer is: your spider only has seven legs and of course should have eight :-)

  3. poor 'daddy' is missing a leg, maybe 2nd one from the rear.

  4. one complete leg is missing on spidee. Did you notice if it walked unbalanced?


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